Golf Marketing Conscious Competence

“Conscious competence” (you are now aware and are currently equipping yourself with the tools necessary, i.e., to successfully launch a golf marketing campaign) is the third stage in mastering a given skill and this is when you start to work on the mastery of your craft. At this stage, you are acquiring the additional tools, skills and education necessary to build the fundamentals of your new career in the mastery of golf marketing and professional golf membership sales. This is the stage when you start to advance and become more competent in golf marketing. At this point of your journey, you have started to educate yourself in other subjects such as history, the sciences, psychology, etc., along with marketing and sales in order to broaden your knowledge in the mastery of golf marketing and professional golf membership sales.

You are now realizing that golf marketing is not just simply putting out advertisements into the marketplace expecting people to come to your golf course the next day. The field of dreams theory, “build it and they shall come”, is no longer applicable to the golf industry. This is when you realize that there truly is an art of golf marketing.

Using the same analogy of driving a vehicle that I used in my two previous blogs, you are now in the state of “conscious competence’’. You can now move the vehicle forward but you are very conscious of what you are doing. You are constantly reminding yourself to do the basics like lifting your foot off the accelerator while you push in the clutch as you shift into gear and depressing the clutch slowly and smoothly as you accelerate. There is still hesitation on your part but as you continue to do these things, you will now move into the fourth and final phase of mastering your skill which is called “unconscious competence’’. I will be discussing “unconscious competence” in my next blog.

Be aware of the four stages in mastering a new skill set (golf marketing) and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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