Golf Course Marketing: Rebates

Rebates are rarely seen in the golf course industry but should be considered as a possible resource, especially for gathering valuable data. Rebates are a form of sales promotion that could be used in your golf marketing to lower a golfer’s final acquisition cost for a product purchase. Golf courses should require golfers to provide information and/or undertake some kind of consumer purchase or usage survey after the purchase, but only after you receive the information will you give the incentive (rebate).

You see a lot of rebates given in the car industry and larger corporations because they are gathering pertinent information on their consumers. Their idea is this is an investment that would have cost a lot of money and demanded a ton of work to conduct the different types of research necessary to find out this information. Not to mention, it may not be nearly as accurate as it will be coming from someone who actually purchased and uses their products.

Giving incentives (rebates) is an excellent way to gather information. Every golf course wants to know the demographic their product is reaching. Intelligent successful golf courses know their products demographic when they start selling their products because they have done the research (hopefully) before they opened or bought the golf course. But demographics change and you will get more in-depth information by offering these types of rebates. This information will be an enormous asset when you are building your prospect profile which is very important when it comes to golf marketing. The more qualified targets you have at your fingertips, the easier it will be to grow your golf course.

Something you might want to consider as a promotional campaign: Any golfer, who joins or commits their loyalty for a year will receive a rebate if they answer the following questionnaire and email it back to the golf course.

You really want to sit down and analyze what it is you want to know about the golfer so you are prepared to give the rebate relative to the value of the information you are requesting. The entire idea behind rebates is to gather pertinent information that will help you grow your golf course. It is an investment but it gives an enormous pay off (ROI) as well. The more research you do, the better qualified golfers you will engage with your golf course marketing campaigns.

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