Golf Marketing Copy Testing

Ad copy testing for golf marketing is enormously important. When you write ad copy, it has to be tested in the marketplace often and changed accordingly. Your ad copy may look good on paper but you have to test it in the market place several times to see if it will draw golfers to your golf course. You have to test it throughout all different forms of media because most forms of media target a different demographic, so you want to test it in different variations to see if your ad copy is effective.

In golf marketing, never forget that your ad copy’s main goal is to grab the attention of the golfer. You want to get their interest by going after their desires and then get them to take immediate action. The reason why you must test your golf marketing ad copy is because you want to know which components of your ad copy are effective and which ones are ineffective. Put your ad copy out in several different mediums, e.g., newspaper, radio, television, the Internet, etc. This way, you can start to do a little research and find out which ad copy is drawing the attention of the golfer and which ad copy is not effective. With this research, you can re-design or re-create your ad copy to maximize its effectiveness.

Once you feel you have written your ad copy well, put it out in the market place for a test. For example, you can put a small ad in the newspaper and run it for a couple days. Find out which day is the best day to run your ad so you have a good idea of its draw. You can also try putting your ad copy in different sections of the newspaper, for example, you might want to put it in the sports section, then in the leisure section and so on. By doing so, you will find out which section of the newspaper is best for your future ads. When it comes to golf marketing, these are very important tests you must do. You must do everything it takes to test your ad copy to improve your marketing efforts.

Test your ad copy often in various golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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