Golf Marketing Demographics

Demographics are statistics that describe a population such as age, educational level, income, marital status, etc. In golf marketing this is used to profile potential golfers and to identify your ideal prospects.

Profiling golfers in the golf industry and any other industry is paramount to a successful golf marketing campaign. When you are creating a golf marketing campaign to acquire new golfers, you want to know your preffered demographic before targeting anyone as a potential prospect for your golf course.

All golf course owners are concerned about their return on investment (ROI). This is an extremely important number because it either justifies the golf marketing campaign or tells you the return for this specific golf marketing campaign does not justify the investment. Demographic studies can help you narrow down your prospects but can also help you spend your golf marketing dollars more wisely.

Demographic profiles will help you determine who is a better fit for your golf products and golf services. Most golf marketers think of demographics as primarily income and age but demographics encompasses a wide range of information. You can find out prospective golf member’s educational level, sex, etc. All of this information then can be put into a formula so you can eliminate those who are not qualified or those who do not look like they are potential prospects for your golf course.

Demographics are not the only qualifying data that you can retrieve. You also want to retrieve psychographics, geographic studies and all kinds of other data when profiling your ideal golfer. You need to be able to use all of these resources and come up with your own formula, your own avatar of who your golfer is. You can even give him/her a name like “Joe/Jill the Golfer” and then start writing down anything that you think is part of the makeup of the ideal prospect.

Build your own profile of your targets, what would their educational level be, what would their age range be, what would their income be, etc. When you have compiled all of these qualifications to profile your targets, then you can start to target your golfers through the use of demographic data to grow golf course, the game and your golf career.

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