Golf Marketing Norms

These are the unwritten rules of behavior that are part of the ideology of the golf industry. Norms in the golf industry tend to reflect the values of the golf business industry as a whole and specify those actions (usually unspoken) that are considered to be proper and those that are considered to be inappropriate.

In some cases the golf industry leaders will give recognition to those golf properties for their adherence and shun (punish) those golf properties for non-conformity.

The challenge with norms in the golf industry is that golf courses and golf clubs are not equal; there are high-end golf clubs and there are low-end golf courses and there are numerous golf clubs that are in the middle.

Fees, just as green fees, vary so much it is virtually impossible to set a standard or set the norm for growing a business when it comes to golf properties. All golf courses are not equal and they can’t follow a certain norm. Each golf facility is completely unique and when it comes to marketing a golf course, there are no norms that you have to adhere to other than that of a good moral compass.

You have to take in consideration your competitors, what your market have to say about your golf products and golf services, etc. Keep in mind that everything is based on the market but yet, a lot of times you will observe developers building beautiful golf courses in the middle of a low income area and then be upset when they can’t market to the high-end golfer.

Well, this is logical, if you want to market to the high-end golfer, then you need to put your golf course in a high-end area. Most golfers who can afford a high-end golf membership will want to play golf in an area where they are accustomed to. Golfers do not want to drive into the bad part of town to play golf and pay higher green fees as if they were playing on the nicer side of town.

Learn how to market your golf course where you are going to be profitable, where you are going to have a successful business and this does not mean to discount and lower your green fees. It means do the research; find out what your golf course can command then set your pricing structure accordingly.

There are no norms when it comes to golf marketing, you just have to present your product based on what your market will pay. The norms of the golf industry are providing great service, being ethical, being responsible, etc. These are norms you can always adhere to; but the norms of golf marketing can be thrown out the window because every golf course needs a customized golf marketing strategy.

There are no “norms” when it comes to golf marketing, when you learn this fact, you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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