Golf Marketing: Remember the Good Ones

Today I want to talk about confidence. There is an enormous difference between confidence and cockiness. Cockiness is being overly arrogant and confidence is being sure of oneself and one’s ability which comes from knowledge and experience. Professional golf course membership sales require you to be confident in your ability to provide the necessary information, education and enthusiasm about the game of golf and the value your golf course can bring to a prospective member/golfer.

Some people are just born with self-confidence and others need to work on it. I am here to tell you yes you can build your self-confidence just as you can build a muscle.

The first place to start is by remembering your successes in life. Remember all of the times you won at something, accomplished a goal, was faster than someone else, stronger than someone else, made an A on an exam, got a raise, overcame an addiction, beat an illness, etc. We all have enormous victories in our lives but most people focus on the negative as opposed to the positive. It is just as easy to relive your successes in life as opposed to your challenges.

When a golfer comes to your golf property he/she is looking for guidance; whether it is how to hit a golf ball properly or what golf membership fits their budget and goals. These golfers (prospects) are entrusting you with their hard earned capital and relying on your expertise to help them make the best decision.

A sale takes place when one person transfers his/her enthusiasm about their product and/or service to another person.

Study your craft, be confident and enthusiastic and you will soon be increasing golf rounds, growing the game and growing your golf career.

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