Golf Marketing Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) is the time a transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer (golfer) makes a payment to the golf course in exchange for golf products and/or golf services. POS is often associated with the point-of-sale system or software which records and provides a receipt of the sale. But then again, as with many other marketing terms, I prefer to put my own twist on it.

Getting someone to the point-of-sale requires numerous components, including, but not limited to golf course marketing and professional golf course membership sales.

Sales just don’t happen; you can hope all you want just like you hope for good weather or you hope to get all of your outings in but “I hope” will not bring you sales. You must get traffic in the door and the way to do that is through marketing your golf course.

Once you market to the golfer that fits your demographic profile and get the golfer in the door, it takes a professional sales system to get the golfer to the point-of-sale. At MMC®’s website you can get a free download ( of the proper way to take a golfer through an interview, tour of the golf course, and then through the process of closing the sale.

The point-of-sale is where you can offer other incentives to get the golfer to bring in their buddies to the golf course. You can give incentives for the golfer to spend in the profit centers; e.g., you can give them coupons for the range, food and beverage, etc. You can give various offers at the point-of-sale; that is give the golfer different incentives to further lock-up the relationship.

Once you have a golfer at the point-of-sale you may wish to give him/her unannounced gifts, bonuses, etc., to really cement the new relationship and make the golfer feel really good about his/her investment.

Customer service starts at the point-of-sale and should continue at the highest level through the life of the golf member relationship. So remember, the relationship doesn’t end at the point-of-sale, it starts at the point-of-sale.

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