Golf Marketing Routines

One of the keys to raising revenue and increasing rounds for golf courses is to be consistent in your marketing campaigns.  I don’t just mean being consistent in your message, although that is extremely important in building your brand. I mean getting yourself into routines that set your golf marketing up on auto pilot.

There are routines that you can get yourself into that will keep you on track so you don’t fall behind. Momentum is everything when trying to increase revenue. Golf course marketing can’t be “hit or miss”.

Getting into routines gets you out from worry and frustration.  Most golf marketers have a bad month and start to lose their confidence and soon start making ridiculous mistakes. Unfortunately, most golf marketers “fall” into their routines as opposed to “creating” their routines which will set them up for success.

The best routine to ingrain into your daily life is, every morning get up and look at the numbers from the night before. Most golf marketers don’t want to do this because on some days, it can be extremely depressing, get over it. You need to know the numbers to know where you are; and numbers will never lie to you. Once you know the numbers, i.e., how many sales were made, closing percentages on call-ins and walk-ins, where the prospects came from, e.g., your newspaper ads, radio spots, etc., you can then implement your next move.

Analyze everything. A routine is simply a mold. You must mold your daily activities into a routine that will become as a sub-conscience as breathing.

Throughout future blogs, I will be sharing more on creating routines to increase your success in golf course marketing. But for now just start a daily routine of reviewing yesterday’s numbers no matter what, and you will, grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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