Golf Course Marketing: Negotiation

According to, negotiation is the process of trying to find mutually agreeable terms in an exchange situation. Negotiation leads either to mutually acceptable terms (agreement) or a decision not to transact (disagreement).

Negotiations have a very important role in a lot of aspects of business. But when it comes to golf club memberships and green fees, there really is no room for negotiations.

You don’t want to be in the negotiating business.  You want to be able to set your golf fees at the rate you feel is a good value and a win-win for both you and the golfer.

Negotiating with vendors and other people is acceptable if there is a competitor who can do the exact same job, provide the same exact services, etc. But if you are the only one who can provide that service, then there should be no negotiation, especially if you are giving more value than you are receiving in compensation.

For example, at MMC®, we never negotiate our 20% success fee. The reason for this is, we have been customizing promotions since 1991 and there has been no one who has been able to do what we do successfully. There has been no one who has the track record we have in raising immediate cash for golf course owners. There has been no one who has been able to launch a renewal program, as well as there has been no one who has increased revenue across the board for golf properties as successfully as MMC®.

We say this as a fact, there’s absolutely no- risk in partnering with MMC®; all of our programs are completely self-funded. We know the value we are giving to the golf club far exceeds that of which we are being compensated. We have set our success fee so far below the value we provide to ensure the owner receives the Lion’s share of the newly acquired revenue.

With that said, when you are offering a golf product and/or golf service that far exceeds the golfer’s expectations, there is never a need to negotiate. They might go somewhere else and find a cheaper golf product and/or golf service, but that is exactly what they will get for their money, a “cheap golf product or golf service”.

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