Golf Marketing Social Class

As golf marketers, we must be able to target many different social classes. We want to stay away from the lower end of the scale but we want to have a golf marketing strategy designed for middle-class, upper middle class and the wealthy and elite golfers in the community. The reason why we must have a strategy designed for all of the different classes we are targeting is because there are so many different classes and they have different needs.

One of the things that some (most) golf club owners fail to realize is, your geographic area dictates some of your possible targets. You must always take in consideration destination golf, golf vacations and other criteria similar to that where golfers are willing to travel to come to your golf club. But in general, you really have to look at your local golf market and take the percentages of the social classes, e.g., different income and educational levels. You must be able to understand your demographics but you can’t just pick and choose the golfers you want to target based on one social class, unless, you have enough golfers who are in that social class that can carry your business. You can’t just say you want to go after the golfers with this specific income level only or within that specific age bracket only, because in most scenarios, that percentage is so small. No matter what number you choose, the percentage is not going to be large enough to pay the bills and give you a return on your investment.

If you are smart, you will take an assessment of your golf property and set aside your prime times when golfers normally want to golf and are willing to pay a premium for those tee times. If you have a lot of destination play that is great and you can have that revenue as icing on the cake because you can command a higher price from the wealthy and elite classes during those times of the day or days of the week.

Think of some of the other times you can attract the different classes and put together a golf marketing campaign by creating several different offers for different classes. This way, when you are pulling your demographics, you can separate them into different classes easily.

When you learn how to market your golf course to the different social classes, you will learn how to grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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