Newspaper Golf Marketing

Golf marketing requires thinking about the value of your brand in terms of its emotional equity, i.e., how does it make your golfers feel? Once you know how golfers feel about being a member or playing golf at your golf course, capitalize on those positive emotions and convey them in your ad copy and ad design for your golf marketing campaigns.

You must find out what they love about your golf product and golf services–not what you love about your golf product and services and conveying that to the readers through your golf marketing.

Two questions you must ask yourself and then stick the “why” and “how” into your golf marketing ad copy.

1.  Can I justify them buying my golf product and services now?

2.  Can I prove to them why they need to buy now?

I am a big fan of print ads for golf marketing, although, not only newspaper print ads. I do often use them though and maximize their potential in the market. With print ads you can say a lot in a small space. “A picture can say a thousand words” is very true when it comes to print ads.

I am also a big fan of advertising in newspapers because in some cases ad space can be bartered out. Either way, make sure you get the online ads as well as a supporting ad for your golf marketing campaign.

Newspaper Pros:

  • Allows you to reach a large number of people in a given area.
  • Different ad sizes are available.
  • Unlimited exposure.
  • People can keep and read newspapers for as long they want.
  • Multiple insertions.
  • Reading the newspaper has become a habit for most families.
  • It has something for everyone.
  • The oldest and thought to be the highest dependable medium of advertisement.

Newspaper Cons:

  • Newspapers are more than likely to be read once or twice on average.
  • Ads have a short lifespan.
  • Small ads can really look small in newspapers.
  • Ads should compete with the clutter of other ads in a page.
  • Print quality isn’t great.
  • Image quality is poor.
  • With the explosion of the Internet, there is huge decline in newspaper reading.
  • If your ads are next to an interesting story, this is the time when your readers will more than likely notice your ad.
  • Can be very expensive since multiple insertions are necessary to make an impact.

Incorporate newspaper advertising into your golf marketing campaigns and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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