Golf Marketing Unconscious Competence

The next and final stage in mastering a given skill is “unconscious competence” (you are now aware that you are now equipped with tools necessary in accomplishing a specific task, e.g., golf marketing.) This is the stage when you can start to accomplish a task without even thinking about the fundamentals because they have become second nature to you. At this level, your new skills in golf marketing become habits, and you perform the task without conscious effort and with automatic ease. This is where you start to excel in golf marketing due to your confidence and ability.

As you put together your ads for your golf marketing campaigns, you will be amazed because they will just start to fall into place because you have already mastered your craft. You will be so proficient in creating your golf marketing campaigns that you won’t even have to think about the fundamentals. Now you can think about what will be your next tagline, how you can develop a certain package that can grab the attention of golfers, or how you are going to set a new trend in the golf course industry, etc. These are things you are always going to have to think about, but when it comes to the fundamentals of golf marketing, e.g., increasing rounds, raising revenue, etc., it will become an unconscious effort, therefor, catapulting you into “unconscious competence.”

In final analogy of driving a vehicle, while in the “unconscious competence” state, you can now drive the vehicle without thinking about the clutch, the gear shift, the accelerator, etc. You can now drink coffee, eat a sandwich, or text/call someone, (I am not saying that you are supposed to do these things while driving but I am just letting you know that you are now able to do them or just about anything you want to do) while you drive now that you have mastered the skill of driving a vehicle with a manual transmission and it already became second nature to you.

Be aware of the four stages in mastering a new skill set (golf marketing) and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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