Golf Marketing: Unsought Products

Offering unsought products is one of my absolute favorite techniques to lock-up relationships but yet I very seldom ever see golf courses capitalize on the potential of this concept. An example of an unsought product is a first visit incentive. This is when a golfer comes into the golf course and you are presenting the membership and offering them a discount on their initiation fee or some other form of monetary motivation for them to make a commitment today. I know we don’t want to discount golf tees and I know discounting is a four-letter word in the golf industry. But we are using the accepted word…incentive, in terms of financial motivation to get the golfer started. It is so easy to explain this to the golfer so they understand why you are giving him/her an unsought product.

By the way, “product” is a little stretch of imagination but since we are using the term unsought products and it applies to this scenario, we will use it just to stay consistent with the topic.

The average golfer considers joining a golf membership for one, two, and sometimes even three years before even stepping on the golf course. But because they feel like they can’t afford the membership for any other numerous reasons, we want to offer them a first visit incentive, e.g., taking 50% off of the regular initiation fee if they join today. This is a great way to get the golfer to make a purchase decision on their first visit.

Another example would be, giving out free range balls, free golf carts, free green fees, etc., to bring the golfer in the door. Then when the golfer comes into the course to claim his/her freebies, it gives you the chance to offer him/her 50% off of the original initiation fee if they make the purchase today.

Lock-up relationships today and get your golfers to commit their loyalty to your golf course by learning how to use unsought products creatively and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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