Golf Telemarketing

When it comes to golf marketing “Steady Eddie” is the way. Stay consistent with your message and keep your name in front of your targets. Timing is everything and it holds true in golf advertising as well.

If you don’t create new ways of increasing rounds and raise golf revenue, what will it cost you? Sitting and waiting for the phone to ring without any exposure through golf marketing campaigns is like looking east for a sunset; no matter how bad you want it (hope it), it’s never going to happen.

The more you invest in golf marketing – the more you get in return. If you want to harvest a crop, you must first plant the seeds. Plant those seeds daily and keep moving forward. Even a blind dog finds his tail every now and then.

Telemarketing Pros:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Great communication between business and customers.
  • It’s easy to prospect and find the right person to talk to.
  • Relatively cost-effective with targeted audience.
  • Great information gathering.
  • Can improve your relationship with your existing customers.

Telemarketing Cons:

  • Higher restrictions from the government because of rude telemarketers that more than likely harass customers.
  • An increasing number of people have a strong dislike for telemarketing.
  • An increasing number of customers are using technology to screen out unwanted callers especially telemarketers.
  • You may require hiring an outside firm to do the telemarketing for you; you lose control in the process given that the people doing the calls are not your employees.
  • Requires a well-crafted and effective script.

When calling on a prospect (dialing for dollars) to set an appointment follow these 5 easy steps.

5 Steps to getting someone off the phone and into the golf course:

  1. Make a huge (true) claim, e.g., we are the most desired golf course in the state of _____.
  2. State a fact; we were voted top public golf course to play in _____.
  3. State an emotional benefit; our golfing members are part of our family here at ____ golf course.
  4. State logical benefit; this is the first time we have ever offered this program outside of our existing golf membership.
  5. Close on the appointment; which day is best for you to come by for lunch and take a tour of our golf course, Wednesday or Thursday?

Incorporate telemarketing into your golf marketing strategy and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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