Golf Membership Active Listening

Active listening is a method of listening that is used by effective researchers, professional golf marketers, and professional golf membership advisors that attempts to draw out as much information as possible by actively processing information received and stimulating the communication for additional information.

Knowledge is power and the person with the most information and education in any negotiation is always going to win. Actively listening to your prospective golf member, your existing members, your past members and your present golfers is paramount to learning.

When you learn the golfer’s needs and wants, you will be better prepared to lock-up the relationship. Active listening has been used in research from the beginning of time. The salesperson who can actively listen (that means truly listen to what the golfer’s wants and needs are) and can demonstrate how their golf products and golf services can meet the golfer’s needs and wants, is a professional golf membership salesperson.

I have said many times that a great salesperson is a great listener. When most people imagine a sales person, they get a negative image of a salesperson as a fast talker in a cheap suit, doesn’t listen to the customer, is pushy and will say anything they have to in order to get the golfer to purchase their golf product. This is a scam artist, a con man but not a professional golf membership salesperson.

A professional golf membership salesperson is an active listener. This person will listen and ask questions and listen to their answers, jotting and writing down the answers and then following up with secondary questions to clarify and to stimulate the whole conversation and get more information from the golfer.

If you go to our website you can download a free professional membership sales presentation ( with a list of quality questions you can use in your interview with your prospective golfer.

One of the key elements to being successful in professional golf membership sales is actively listening to your prospective golfer.

Actively listen to the golfer during your professional golf membership presentation and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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