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Barter is defined in the dictionary as, “to exchange goods or services in return for other goods or services”; in this golf marketing tip we will discuss trading golf advertisement for golf rounds, golf products, golf services or golf membership without the exchange of money.

Bartering has been around since the beginning of mankind but yet in today’s society we fail to maximize this enormous resource. When I was coming up through the ranks I used this tool often. I have bartered memberships for everything from food to lodging.

The most important thing to always think about before bartering is…what is your desired outcome?

There is always someone in every field/industry that wants to be a member of your golf course; it just might take you a little time and effort to find them. If you are reading this blog on free golf course marketing you probably have more time than money at this moment so read on.

Let’s say you are getting ready to go into your season and you want to make a big push for golfers. You have a great golf marketing campaign laid out and ready to launch but there is no advertising budget to get it started.

The first place I would start is by putting together a nice email for all of the local newspapers and radio stations to start a dialog (I did not mention television because it really is the least effective medium when it comes to marketing to your local market; but if you are marketing to destination golfers, it can be a great platform). Find out the value (cost) of what you would like to exchange for, e.g., specific days run, number of times run, size, ad location, and then determine what you feel (putting yourself in their shoes) is of equal or greater value, i.e., a win-win to trade out.

Think outside-the-box and consider all of your resources including: green fees, food and beverage, range, golf lessons, golf cart rentals, golf tournaments, golf leagues, golf socials, etc.

The golf industry is dependent on golfers and businesses are dependent on revenue; hence, golf businesses depend on golf revenue. The only way to drive in new business is through golf advertising and golf marketing.

Incorporate bartering into your golf marketing strategy and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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