Golf Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is developing and maintaining long-term relationships with individual golfers.

The only possible way to have long-term relationships with golfers is by making sure the relationship is a win-win relationship. The golfer must be receiving exceptional service from you in return for their loyalty, and when marketing for golfers to commit their loyalty to your golf course, you must keep that important fact at the forefront.

The key thing in trying to build a relationship is always look at what it is that the other person (in our case, the golfer) wants to get out of the relationship. On our side, we always want to retain the golfer so we can retain the revenue, but it has to go far beyond that.

If we just look at it from our perspective, we are never going to be successful at locking-up relationships with golfers; it can’t be just about the dollar. On the other hand, if we go into the relationship looking to satisfy the needs of the golfer first we will then be able to lock-up the relationship because we will be giving the golfer what they want most.

Relationship marketing is so much easier than anybody realizes. Your golfer has certain emotional needs that he or she wants to meet so just to start with the basics first. How do you make the golfer feel significant, how do you make the golfer feel loved, how will you make the golfer feel that they have something to contribute, how will you make the golfer feel secure and comfortable, etc.? These are some of the basic questions you need to ask yourself, and your golfers, before designing a relationship marketing campaign.

Golf marketing campaigns that are designed with a specific goal of building relationships always work if designed properly. You need to find out what the golfer’s needs in your community are first, then your needs will be met as a by-product of meeting the golfer’s needs.

Incorporate relationship marketing into your golf course’s golf marketing strategy and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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