Golf Marketing Sales Territory

A sales territory is normally thought of in the terms of a customer group or geographic district for which an individual salesperson or sales team holds responsibility, e.g., a golf clothing line might give protected sales territories to their sales team.

Sales territories can be defined on the basis of geography, sales potential, history of sales volume, or a combination of factors. As a rule, most companies strive to balance out their territories with the most productive reps because this can reduce costs and increase the ROI.

But golf courses normally do not have sales territories because they normally don’t have an outside sales team. They might have one or two sales people at best, but in most cases, they do not have a dedicated sales team. You can observe the golf pro or the general manager trying to wear a hundred different hats by doing the golf marketing and sales and everything else that is unrealistically expected of them. This is out of necessity in most cases, but as they say, “nobody can be great at everything.”

When you are in golf marketing and golf professional sales, you need to study the craft just as you do the game of golf, i.e., every day, not once a month. Keep in mind, the more you know about anything the more efficient you are going to be at it. Golf marketing and golf professional sales are arts that don’t just naturally come by. If you think you are a “born salesman” and don’t think you need to study the art then you are a con man and not a professional.

When you think about sales territories within the golf course industry, you really are looking at the territory as being the target market around your golf course. If you have more than one person devoted or focusing on sales and marketing it is a good idea to divide your geographic area around your golf course into territories. This will help you find out who is doing the best job and it will also give them the opportunity to really learn their area so they can be more productive when it comes to promoting the golf course.

Think of the geographic area around your golf course as sales territories and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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