Loyalty Golf Marketing

Loyalty golf marketing focuses on growing and retaining existing golfers through incentives, customer service and member/loyalty programs.

If your desire is to retain more of your golfers and golf members, you must think about the golf products and golf services you are offering and make sure they are satisfying the needs of your golfers. You have to give real value in order to get golfers to even consider pledging their loyalty to your golf property.

This can be done by taking customer service to a new level. Most golf courses concentrate on the financial aspects of different loyalty programs that focus on incentives like extra months for early renewals or discounted monthly dues for renewals, etc.

We are all familiar with the monetary incentives golf courses offer to keep golfers with the course but this tactic is more like paying them to stay than earning their loyalty.

If loyalty is what you want then you need to satisfy the golfer’s emotional needs as well as their financial needs.

You need to make them feel they are an important part of your golf course. They need to feel respected, wanted and valued. They need to feel like they are growing within the golf community.

All of these feelings contribute to the golfer’s willingness or desire to be loyal to your golf course. You must think outside-the-box when you are designing your loyalty programs and your loyalty golf marketing campaigns so you are not only satisfying the financial needs of the golfer but also you are giving them the opportunity to meet their emotional needs as well.

Loyalty golf marketing illustrates the value a golfer will receive for being a loyal member of the golf courses.

Incorporate loyalty golf marketing into your golf marketing strategy and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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