Media Release Golf Course Marketing

According to, media release is a material prepared with the aim of being published in the press or other media. It is important that a media release is newsworthy and well written. They may include photographs and other suitable materials.

Media releases can be enormous assets to a golf course and for the golf course’s brand. By learning how to use media releases for your golf course, you will get a lot of free publicity and exposure.

As said earlier, your media releases need to be newsworthy, so when you are hosting some kind of benefit program/outing and want to raise money for charity, you can easily catch the attention of those people/golfers who are willing to participate in your cause, via media releases. Think of newsworthy media releases you can write or have written to capitalize on and get some good exposure for your golf course/brand.

When you are writing a piece to release in the media, always try to remember what the public is looking for. They are always looking for a good story and someone or some organization doing something good for others. By hosting charitable events, you are building a good solid brand within your community.

Learn more about media releases by locating some of the different media releases other golf courses have gotten out to the public. You can use these samples as templates for creating your own media release for your golf course. There are many resources to study where you can get the creative juices flowing for ideas if you just conduct a little research.

The great thing about using media releases is you get so much free advertising. The amount of free coverage you can get if you have something worthwhile for the public is astonishing. Advertising and branding is a must but it doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg if you learn to maximize all available resources.

Once you have learned how to use this valuable tool of media releases, you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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