No Time for Golf Marketing

Like the hamster on the wheel…work 14 hour days but you can’t seem to get ahead. Does this sound familiar?

Today let’s talk about time management. It is a given in the golf industry that as a golf professional and/or GM you are slammed from sunup to sundown during the season and find very little time to grow your golf course, the game, and even worse, your golf career. Yet, there is this enormous weight on your shoulders to increase rounds and raise revenue but yet have never been schooled in golf marketing.

Not having enough time and being overwhelmed every day is a common feeling for those of us who try (or are expected) to do too much. The first thing you need to do is sit back for a minute and take a deep breath and think about your ultimate goal. Unfortunately, your ultimate goal is not your choice to decide and therefore, you have no say over it whatsoever. Since you are running a business and all businesses (golf properties) are fuelled by revenue, your number one priority (goal) should be “How do I grow this golf course?” Mortgages, payroll, inventory, maintenance, chemicals, taxes, etc., etc., etc., all depend on you to increase rounds and/or increase revenue and the only way possible is through golf marketing.

The wonderful thing about it is, you can do this with very little effort and education in golf marketing at all. I know right now you are thinking I have lost my mind but stay with me. The best time to run a major golf course marketing campaign is during your off season. MMC® has launched the majority of our golfer acquisition golf marketing campaigns in the off season (in some cases there has been so much snow on the ground no one hit a golf ball for two months) raising as much as $450,000 in just 60 days while no one was even golfing. This is exactly what you need to do. No, I’m not saying you should be expected to know how to launch this type of golf marketing campaign and do those kinds of numbers, but I am saying you can get better prepared.

This year do your golf course marketing plans during your off season, focusing on your major golf marketing campaign to be launched during your absolute slowest months and have a minimum of three more to launch throughout the year. Have everything ready well in advance, i.e., ad copy, ad design, vendors, know your mediums of delivery, and so forth so when you get into your season all of your golf marketing is ready to launch on the predetermined dates.

Being this prepared and knowing you already have the most important part of your job completely laid out will take you from being overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid, and with no time to change it, to being enthusiastic, worry free, handsomely paid and having the time to enjoy it.

Design your golf marketing campaigns in your off season and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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