High-Pressure Golf Membership Sales

High pressure selling is a selling approach in which the salesperson attempts to control the sales interaction and pressure the golfer to make a purchase.

High-pressure selling is absolutely ridiculous in any situation because you are pressuring the golfer to buy your golf product or your golf service. You are making a major mistake by facilitating this kind of sales tactic because golfers might be intimidated into doing something on the spot but as soon as they are away from you, they are going to change the course of action.

What I mean by this is, they might cancel their agreement and ask for a refund when they are in a nonthreatening environment or non-intimidating environment which means, they are going to do it over the phone or by email and you will never see them or their golfing buddies again.

High-pressure sales should be criminal, and it is unethical. I have said it at least one hundred times; that a good salesperson is a great listener. You have to be an active listener so you can find out what exactly are the golfer’s needs and wants then show the golfer how your golf product and/or golf services will help him/her achieve their goals.

Golf professional membership sales is about listening, gathering information, doing research, etc., then demonstrating how your golf products and golf services can meet the prospective golf member’s needs. Keep in mind that the person with the most information always wins so if you learn how to professionally sell golf products and/or golf services you will never have to pressure someone into purchasing your golf products or golf services.

High-pressure sales should never be tolerated by any golf course. All they do is make people very uncomfortable and make them regret ever coming to your golf course. A lot of industries in the past have been accused of high-pressure sales tactics and it has damage the reputation of the industry as a whole.

In the golf industry, we are professionals and we should conduct ourselves like professionals. We should learn to sell professionally when someone purchases a golf product, golf service and/or golf course membership.

Golfers want to be treated with respect and dignity and they want to know you are truly concerned about their needs. There is no place for high-pressure sales in the golf industry.

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