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Publicity is the art of attracting the media’s attention and gaining visibility with the golfer, in most cases, with no financial investment whatsoever. Strategic management of publicity can help an organization communicate, establish and maintain relationships with the most important audiences, i.e., your target market.

The media loves good stories, and believe it or not, the story does not always have to be tragic. Do something for your community, have a fund raising event, support a local cause, etc. This type of exposure can only bring you good fortune through good publicity.

Another way to get good publicity for your golf course is to start writing articles with your local newspaper or newspapers (because newspapers are always shopping their competitors) and become the “go to” person for educational information on the game of golf. You can write a monthly article or weekly article on the game of golf, like what is the proper grip, how you can improve your golf swing, etc., bringing the community together in their love of the game. Bottom line is, just create articles so it gets you and your golf course good publicity within your community.

One of the things I suggested in previous blogs is that you create your own blog. You start a blog on your website and you can easily share that with the local newspaper and start getting it published through your local newspaper which again is going to target certain demographic and geographic areas that are relevant to your golf property.

If you want to target larger areas, write copy on broader subjects, to a larger demographic and find a vehicle that will give you the desired exposure.

Learning how to use the media for free publicity is a great way for golf courses on a limited budget to market their golf courses and “drive up their net profits”.

Work on getting as much free good publicity for your golf course and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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