September 1, 2014

The Four P’S of Golf Marketing Problem – Promise – Process – Proof
  1. Address the golfer’s core “problems”.
  2. Make the golfer a “promise” you can deliver on that eliminates their problems.
  3. Outline the “process”.
  4. Provide the “proof” you can deliver the results you claim.

Below is an example of how to accomplish this task.

PROBLEM – Most people in the golf industry have duffed the ball when it comes to growing their rounds, the game and even their golf career. It’s no news flash the game is losing hundreds of thousands of golfers and therefore rounds and REVENUE. Owners are worried about losing their properties while managers and pros are worried about losing their jobs.

PROMISE – The “news flash” is, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are still plenty of golfers out there as well as non-golfers who would love to commit their loyalty to your course. In fact, MMC® has been growing golf courses since 2006. Our courses have experienced increases in rounds between 5K – 10K rounds per year. They have raised between 50K – 500K in immediate cash and seen increases in their annual revenue by as much as 100%.

PROCESS – When you partner with MMC® you pay us no up-front fees. We work on performance only i.e., we only get paid a commission on revenue we are directly responsible for bringing in the door, and only for the 90 days of the promotion. Your campaign will be launched within 7 – 10 days after we are in agreement and you will start making daily deposits immediately into your bank. Our “DREAM TEAM” does 99% of the work behind the scenes so very little of your (or your staff’s) time is required. The majority of your time will be spent connecting with your new golfers. Our promotional pieces completely outline the offer from content to cost so there is absolutely no reason to worry about staff.

PROOF – Don’t take our word for it, feel free to call any of our 150 clients who have partnered with us in our data-driven, worry-free, turn-key, no-risk, self-funding promotions launched to acquire casual golfers. These golfers play an average of 8 – 12 rounds per year and bring their buddies when they play. Everyone spends in the profit centers e.g., cart rentals, food and beverage, range, pro-shop, outings, banquets, lessons which brings in daily revenue easing tensions and worries among all.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® today in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.


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