Achievement Drive Golf Marketing

Achievement drive as defined by is a term coined by Harvard psychologist David McClelland, who believe this was one of the key factors in any successful accomplishment. Dr. McClelland suggests achievement drive does not add to an individual’s skills, it multiplies them, also known as ambition, drive, desire to excel, will to win, or competitive nature.

Achievement drive to me is simply being focused on your goals. As everyone knows, “where your focus goes, energy flows”, and “what you think about, you bring about”.

When people talk about high achievers, these people are normally just unwavering in their focus when it comes to what they love, which makes them extremely successful in a specific field. Whenever others think of success, they think of 100 different things, like about going to the park with their family, they might think about going to a ball game with their buddies, they might be thinking about watching TV tonight or whatever the case may be, but they are not concentrating their total focus on one thing. Achievement driven people are people who put the end-result or the achievement they desire at the forefront of their priorities which make it far easier to accomplish a certain task and/or master a trade. They are totally focused on success and forget about everything else.

This doesn’t only mean success in business, this means success in anything you do. A lot of people refer to great musicians as musical geniuses. In my mind, a genius is simply someone who focuses his/her thoughts and energy on one thing. This total devotion is going to make them far more superior at that specific thing. They are probably not a musical genius, but they probably are unwavering in their focus on music. They probably study, learn and practice music 10 to 16 hours a day and their focus is centralized on mastering their craft.

People use the same analogy for great ball players like Michael Jordan. Everybody talks about the gifts that he has when it comes to basketball. Yes, he is a talented basketball player but at the same time he worked extremely hard on learning how to play the game of basketball. He did the drills; he did the early-morning workouts, the late evening workouts, the free-throw shots, worked on his jumping skills, etc. to get better at his craft. He worked on a lot of different things to make him the best on the court.

You can be the greatest at whatever it is you enjoy doing. If you really love the game of golf, your focus should be on the game of golf. I’ve been focused on growing the game since 1999, i.e., acquiring the skills and focusing my efforts on acquiring new golfers for golf courses; which has enabled my team to raise more than twenty million dollars for MMC®’s clients while bringing in thousands of new golfers to the game since 2006.

You too can add one more dimension to your success, just be focused on your goals and think of the enormous success you can enjoy in the golf industry just by becoming achievement driven. Achievement drive will help you grow the game, your golf course and grow your golf career.

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