April 1, 2014

When In Doubt, Ask For Help

Golf courses are dying from an unsustainable rate of attrition encompassing golfers, rounds and revenue. The sad side of this story is it all can easily be avoided if only the powers-that-be— would start thinking logically as opposed to emotionally.

This is why it is much wiser to partner with a company like MMC® because we can look at the challenges from a logical standpoint. Most Golf Pros, GMs and even Owners are so emotionally attached to the existing business model it is impossible for them to look outside of the box and come up with new creative ways to grow the business. They are so ingrained and invested in their traditional way of doing things; they fail to see more plausible ways of acquiring new golfers, rounds and revenue.

Course owners have the same four (4) excuses for not marketing their property as golfers do for not committing their loyalty to your golf club.

1.  TIME – “I just don’t have the time to launch a proper campaign.” Partner with MMC® and we will do 90% of the work.

2.  MONEY – “I can’t afford marketing.” MMC® takes no up-front fees, we work solely on a success basis and our campaigns are no-risk/self-funding.

3. SPOUSE/PARTNER(S) – “Let me see what they think.” “They” are probably feeling the same pain you are and would love for you to fix it now.

4. I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT – “I need to think about it.” What is there to think about? If you are hemorrhaging rounds and revenue and what you are doing is not working…stop thinking and start doing! Call MMC® NOW!

The hardest part to growing any business is being able to make the difficult decisions. But that’s why we are in the positions we are in…we know how to make the tough decisions. Make the decision today to take control of the financial health of your golf course.

Thank you for partnering with MMC® in growing the game, your golf course and your golf career.


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