Behavioral Self-Management Golf Course Marketing

According to, behavioral self-management is a process by which a salesperson adopts certain procedures to control his or her behavior in order to achieve favorable results (such as improved performance).

Examples of behavioral self-management techniques include golf professional salespeople’s monitoring their own behavior (e.g., recording the amount of time spent calling on customers/golfers), setting personal goals (e.g., determining the number of calls to make per day) and rehearsing the desired behavior (e.g., practicing a sales presentation).

Use of behavioral self-management affords golf course managers additional time to engage in particularly important managerial activities and provides golf sales personnel the opportunity to practice successful time management.

Behavioral self-management is also a way to start developing good habits by getting in the habit of spending X amount of time on tasks, e.g., X amount of time on cold calling, X amount of time on creating new ads, new hooks, new taglines, new offers, etc., to the public which are going to help you grow the game of golf and grow your golf course.

Behavioral self-management is literally changing your behavior in the workplace. It goes hand-in-hand with time management because you are maximizing your time spent in the workplace or in growing your golf course.

It is very important that you allocate blocks of time for specific tasks that will grow your golf course. By managing your behavior, you will be able to maximize your time; therefore, you will be more productive.

The challenge with a lot of golf membership sales people is they need to be managed. Whereas the ideal professional golf membership sales person is self-managed because they know what needs to be done, and they do it.

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