Boomerang Method Golf Course Marketing

Boomerang method really should be called the boomerang method of overcoming an objection. Boomerang method is defined by most golf marketers and companies as hurling an objection of a prospect back to the prospect to get them to make a buying decision. For example, if someone says “I can’t afford it” you can come back and say, “Can you afford not to take it?”

Another example, if you are in the industry of selling golf memberships and someone says they cannot afford the membership, you can use the boomerang technique by hurling the objection right back to the prospective member by saying “That is exactly why you must buy the golf membership today; if your financial situation is so tight you cannot afford $200 a month to invest into your leisure time, then you really can’t afford not to buy this membership today.”

Explain to the prospective golf member that by buying this golf membership, he/she is going to make new contacts, he/she is going to have the opportunity to advance his/her career through networking and meeting the right people so he/she may be able to get a new job or might be in the right place at the right time to get a better position by playing golf with his/her senior executives. It is a lot easier to get noticed and get the attention needed for him/her to get the raise or the promotion.

These are even ways you can incorporate the boomerang method in your golf marketing campaigns. Sending back the objection to the prospect is a great way to get them thinking about what they have just said.

Another example is a lot of people will say, “I do not have the time to go to play.” You can always say, “Well, if you are the hamster on a wheel and you are so busy working just churning time for money, you need to reevaluate what you are doing. So if you don’t have the time, maybe not having the time is exactly why you should buy the membership. You should have your financial situation, your home life, and your social life in a position where you can find the time to go hit some balls, relax and relieve stress.”

Compared to other marketing methods though, the boomerang method is not the strongest tool to have in your quiver of golf professional sales.

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