Direct Mail Golf Marketing

Direct mail is absolutely, hands down, unequivocally, the very best medium for marketing your golf property. There is no better medium available when it comes to profiling your casual and core golfers through demographics and psychographics than that of purchasing or renting quality lists based on the golfers buying and spending habits, as well as their geographic location relative to your golf facility.

Unless you are a destination golf facility, resort golf course, etc., your prime targets (golfers) come from a twenty (20) mile radius of your golf facility. Direct mail provides you with the perfect delivery system of your desired message and brand.

Your entire focus should be on making your golf course’s name a household name for every resident within your twenty-mile radius and direct mail is the best vehicle to do that.

The only (and only one) challenge to marketing your golf property via direct mail is cost.

The bottom line in business is the bottom line. All that should matter when it comes to golf marketing (other than when it is done with dignity and integrity) is the ROI. Direct mail by far surpasses any other medium when it comes to return on investment.

Cost is actually a great thing, because with the cost of postage going up, your piece has less competition and therefor produces a greater return.

Direct Mail Cons:

  • Expensive.
  • Small percentages of people who receive direct mail open it.

Direct Mail Pros:

  • Highly Selective.
  • Specifically targets your desired market.
  • Allows you to be creative in your advertising campaigns through visual aids.
  • All people in your mailing list will receive the mail.
  • Achieve higher ROI.
  • Unlimited content.
  • Write a story if you’d like.
  • Easy to track audience response effectively.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Your costs are controlled.
  • Full control in creativity and execution.
  • Full control from start to stamp.
  • Personalized.
  • Tangibility helps build a relationship.
  • Connects more with customers.
  • Most engaging medium of all advertising media.
  • Involves essential sensory participation from a person.
  • Allows you to create, rent or purchase customer databases.
  • Hard to track by competitors until after releasing the mail.
  • Positive results can be measured directly.
  • Multiple uses.

Maximize your marketing efforts with direct mail and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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