Golf Membership Body Language

Body language is the nonverbal signals communicated in professional golf membership sales interactions through facial expressions, gestures (arms, legs, hands). Learning the skill of reading someone’s body language is a key component in the art of professional golf membership sales. When you begin to learn how to sell your golf products and/or golf services professionally you must study body language.

One of the cool things about the art of professional golf membership sales is you are able to learn how golfers communicate by using their bodies. For example, if a golfer has their arms crossed in front of them, this tells you that they are holding back and they are closing themselves off and protecting themselves in that situation.

One of the greatest ways to get a golfer to uncross their arms and open up to you and be receptive of what you are trying to communicate is by handing him/her something. For example, hand them a piece of paper. That way, they have no choice but to uncross their arms and take the piece of paper or whatever it is that you are handing them.

When you are learning how to read your golfer’s body language, you are then at the same time learning how to use that information for your advantage. The way people use their facial expressions; their smiles, their frowns, etc., have a meaning that you must learn to interpret if you are planning a career in professional golf membership sales.

When someone slumps over, when someone sits up straight, when someone is looking at you eye to eye, all of these body languages have meanings and it is your job to find out what those meanings are.

Another example of body language is that people mirror other people’s body language. For example, try this the next time you’re in a room with someone sitting across from you; ask them a question and slightly nod your head “yes” and you will be amazed at how the other person will start to nod his/her head “yes” as well. They are simply mirroring your lead.

Another example is, sit with someone and then sit up straight looking at them straight in the eyes and then relax back in your chair. You will be amazed at how many people across from you will do exactly the same thing, i.e., relax back on their chairs.

Practice your mirroring techniques during your professional golf membership presentation and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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