Golf Club Marketing: Unique Selling Proposition or USP

All professional golf sales presentations should be designed around a unique selling proposition. There is so much inventory available in the golf industry which allows golfers to pick and choose where they want to play their rounds and commit their loyalty. It is your responsibility to get the golfer to understand the unique benefits and services your golf course provides that he/she cannot get in any other golf course. It should be your goal to come up with at least a dozen, and if you are really aggressive, hundreds of unique reasons why every golfer should commit their loyalty to your golf course.

When golf marketers think of unique features of their golf course, they think along the line of services they offer that are unique that will allow them to dominate their golf market. A lot of you reading this blog are saying to yourself, “Well, we all offer the same thing.”

That might be true on the surface, but think about this; you are reading this blog right now, therefore, you are one out of a thousand. That, in itself, is a selling point that you as a golf professional take interest in the future of your golf course, the game and your professional golf career. This is a unique selling point you are willing to go the extra mile to educate yourself to better serve your golfers and/or your golf members.

When you are thinking about your unique benefits and unique services, they don’t have to be complicated and/or expensive. Keep in mind that some of the simplest things are the most important reasons why a golfer should enroll in your golf course today.

Always remember the basic core emotions every golfer is looking to satisfy. For example, connection, contribution, security, excitement, growth, etc. These are basic core emotions that the golfer has to satisfy. It is your goal to make sure the unique benefits and services you offer will satisfy these golfer’s core emotions.

When the golfers feel that these emotions can be satisfied by becoming a member of your golf course through your unique golf membership sales presentation, you will absolutely grow your golf course, the game, and your golf career.

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