Golf Marketing Whale

The term whale is seldom used in the golf industry. It is a term often used for industries like casinos. But aspects of the term whale needs to be discussed when it comes to golf course marketing and professional golf membership sales especially the aspect that has something to do with demographics.

Everybody in golf marketing and golf professional sales is familiar with the term demographics. Demographics is the study of consumers income, sex, age, education, etc. We learn golfer’s demographics by conducting a survey. Learning how to profile your prospective golf member is beneficial to the growth of your golf course because it will be easy for you to pin point what their wants and needs are when deciding on a golf course.

When you talk about the whale, these are the consumers with higher income levels as opposed to those consumers with limited financial resources. The percentage of these golfers is so small relative to the average Joe, we are speaking about the top 20% of higher-income producing golfers.

The whales of your golfing community are the ones who have the financial resources to purchase golf course memberships anywhere so it will be harder for you to market to them, engage them, and to get them to commit their loyalty to your golf course unless you provide superior golf products and golf services. So when you decide to target the whale demographic in your golfing community, be sure you are prepared to provide quality golf products and quality golf services.

There are a lot of techniques you can facilitate when it comes to golf marketing and professional golf membership sales if your desired goal is to target whales, i.e., the wealthy. Just think outside-the-box and design a golf marketing campaign for you to engage the whales in your golfing community to commit their loyalty to your golf course.

Once you know how to target and engage the whale you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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