Golf Course Marketing: Nixie(s)

Nixies is a term used in direct mail for the mail pieces that are returned for various reasons, e.g., nobody living in the residence, person has moved, incomplete address, no postage. The great thing about nixies is they allow you to clean up your golf prospect mailing list.

I want to discuss nixies today because direct mail is one of the keys to success when it comes to golf marketing. There is no way possible you can effectively market your golf course without incorporating direct mail into your golf marketing strategy. I have said numerous times, your geographical target market is a 20-mile radius of your golf course.

Yes, you have to take into consideration destination golf or golfers and visitors who are coming from out-of-town and/or far away who are willing to drive two hours or more to your golf facility because it is their home course. There are several considerations to be aware of, but the bottom line is, your local golf market should be your bread and butter.

The local golf market can pay the bills, pay the payroll, pay the electricity, pay the course’s maintenance, etc. The local golf market can make sure your golf course stays in the black.

All of these considerations should be viewed as you are designing a golf marketing campaign. A proper direct mail campaign can create a valuable list of prospects. Nixies can help you a lot in cleaning your prospect list because it will give you valuable information necessary for you to increase your return on investment when you launch various golf marketing campaigns. Always keep in mind, the cleaner your list is, the far greater chance you have of growing your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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