Golf Course Marketing And Lead Generation

Lead generation starts by engaging the public. Lead generation is a necessity for long-term growth as well as the short-term growth of your golf course.  Leads are basically prospects or prospective golf members/golfers who you can target to build a relationship with and gain their loyalty.

Generating leads should be a daily focus because without prospects or leads, you are never going to grow your golf course. In fact, without leads or prospective golf members/golfers, you are never going to grow your golf career no matter what you think.

If you are the golf professional, the manager or the owner of the golf course, your primary focus must be on generating leads. None of your course’s staff (including yourself) are too good or too important to be promoting the golf course.

Everyone you meet should be aware that you are in the golf industry and represent a golf course. When you go to the grocery store, when you go to a restaurant, when you go to get your car washed, when you go out with your buddies, when you go anywhere, you should be passing out business cards or free cart passes, free green fee passes or free lunch coupons and all other forms of incentives to get people to come to your golf course.

Growing a business or growing a golf course is about building prospect lists and generating leads. The more leads you generate, the more chances you have at making a sale that day or growing your golf course and your golf career. Think of it as having more chances at bat; the more leads you have, the better your chances are of locking-up a new relationship. The more effort you exert in generating leads, the most likely it is you will lock-up a new relationship.

Today, unfortunately, a lot of people in the golf industry rely solely on the “field of dreams” fantasy. They believe if they build it, golfers will come. Well, this is not the case. You must be actively generating leads. More leads equals more revenue and more revenue equals financial success and security.

Everyone is depending on you growing your golf course and your golf career: Your family, your boss or owner, your kids, your employees, etc. Everyone, either directly or indirectly, is depending on your ability to generate new leads then turn those leads into new committed golfers which will grow your golf course and your golf career.

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