Golf Course Marketing and Product Abandonment

One of the greatest powers we possess as owners is product abandonment. We make the decision whether to continue or discontinue the marketing of our golf products and golf services as we see fit. If we launch a new golf marketing campaign introducing a new product or golf service (e.g., golf membership), it is completely up to us whether it is deleted, eliminated or make it as part of our business model.

Abandonment may occur at any time from shortly after a launch (due to a new product failure) to many years later. The criterion for this decision is the same as for any new product: net present value of the product’s estimated stream of future earnings, both direct and indirect.

There can be numerous reasons for abandoning a golf product or golf service. But one of the things that you don’t want to do is to delete or eliminate a newly launched golf product or golf service before it has time to truly be tested within the marketplace.

A lot of times, great ideas are launched but never given the appropriate amount of time for the golf product or golf service to produce the desired result. In some cases, you can launch a golf product or golf service with the intention of abandoning that golf product or golf service in the future.

This is one of the things that MMC® does; we designed the cash promotion with this principle in mind. Depending on the client’s needs and wants, we present the option of abandonment to the golf course owners so they may immediately resume their original membership pricing once the promotion has been launched and completed.

Those memberships are honored for the period of time they were sold for but then are encouraged to upgrade to the original membership structure that was in place before the promotion was launched. Our memberships are designed just to shake up the marketplace and get all of the golfers into the golf facility immediately. We kick start the membership base for golf courses with a burst of jet fuel but in no way do we expect or even imagine that this introductory membership we offer will become part of the golf course’s business model.

Golf products and golf services abandonment is an excellent tool to be able to call upon when you are trying to build your golf course. It is wonderful because you know you always have a way out. You are not committed long term to any product unless it’s a product that you are committed to because of personal reasons or financial reasons or whatever your reason is, but you always know you have product abandonment in your golf marketing quiver if needed.

Product abandonment allows you to test different golf products and golf services through your golf marketing without the worries of long-term commitments which ensures you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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