Golf Marketing Psychological Drives

Psychological drives are a topic that I often speak about and I’m always trying to get you to understand how important psychology is as a golf marketer or a professional golf membership salesperson. You have to first realize most golfers are going to buy and they will buy for emotional reasons. They are going to buy a golf loyalty program, some type of golf product or golf service primarily for emotional reasons and only then will they justify their purchase with logical reasons.

I use a lot of information that I learned from studying Anthony Robbins ( programs and one of his courses teaches that people primarily have six emotional needs. There are numerous psychologists who wrote about similar emotional triggers (psychological drivers), but I just prefer Tony Robbins’ because it has been simplified. Golfers have a need to feel significant, to feel respected, others want to feel connected, loved and feel like they are part of something (belonging), and they want to feel they are needed, to feel they are contributing.

All of these emotions can be wrapped up into six basic emotional needs. When you start looking at the golfers emotional needs, you will start to understand how to create a golf marketing program and promotional campaign that will engage, attract and get the golfer to take immediate action.

Often times in life when we are launching golf marketing campaigns, we get caught up in the logical reasons why the golfer should buy. Most of the time golf marketers think it is the price that has something to do with the purchasing decision but they don’t realize that it has a lot to do with stimulating the golfer’s emotions and getting the golfer to have an emotional connection with you and your golf course. Price is only a hook to grab the attention of the golfer through your golf marketing.

The golfer wants to know what is in it for him/her. They want to know how your golf products and golf services are going to satisfy them and help them achieve their goals.

Just by studying how golfers are driven by their psychology, you will learn how to develop a successful golf marketing campaign and you will learn how to successfully lock-up relationships with golfers.

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