Premium Content Offer Golf Marketing

A premium content offer is some type of high quality, in-depth content that you can give to your golfers for free in order to convert them into a sale at a later stage.

Examples of premium content offers include; eBooks, instructional DVD’s, webinars, podcasts, research materials, case studies, audio downloads, etc. Premium content offers can basically be anything that provides good educational resource value to anyone who may be interested in your golf products and/or golf services.

An excellent example of a premium content offer would be a golf pro putting together a 20-minute free lesson all on DVD and handing them out to anyone who comes in for a tour of the golf course.

Another version of this would be put it as a free download on your website for anyone who registers with your website and then take them to a second step of the sales process which could be having them read your blogs and so on. Take them through the process of a sales presentation without even trying to sell them anything.

Informational and educational content is today’s way of selling. The information highway is exactly that; a highway for information to travel. Golfers have become accustomed to going to the Internet to research golf products and golf services. Premium content offers presented through your golf marketing endeavors are excellent ways to start conversations and relationships with golfers.

You can also put together a newsletter about the game of golf. This is something that you may offer to anyone who visits your website or comes to your golf clourse as a monthly newsletter with free tips on the game of golf.

There are numerous ways to make premium content offers throughout the golf industry if you just think about it for a while. The idea is to give quality education and information to the golfer absolutely free.

I realize this is a new concept for most people because we are so used to guarding all of our intellectual property and only releasing it when we are being compensated. But today we are living in different times, we are now living in the information world and if you are not sharing your information, there is no way people will know you are an expert in a specific field.

It is paramount to success that you get your name and your brand out to your community as the “go to” golf professional for instruction. Letter premium content offers can deliver proof to your community that you are the expert when it comes to golf products and golf services.

Incorporate premium content offers into your golf marketing and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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