Golf Course Marketing Belongingness

Belongingness is the quality or state of being an essential or important part of a group or an activity. Every company/golf course must developed social programs to give employees a sense of belongingness.

As I have taught over the past several years, there are six basic core emotional needs of every golfer. One of those emotions is a sense of connection, sense of belonging, a sense of knowing they are a part of something.

This is one of the most important concepts to understand about golf marketing and the way you run your golf course. I know a lot of golf professionals, managers and owners, are not fans of having a member-based golf course. But if you understood the enormous benefits of allowing golfers to call themselves members of your golf course, you would change your paradigm immediately.

Golfers need to feel like they belong, and the only way you are going to lock-up  relationships  and earn their loyalty is by offering them something in return for their loyalty. This can easily be accomplished by simply making them a member of the golf course and satisfying this need of belonging.

You have seen in the past where people have an annual pass to a Municipal golf course and they tell you all the time they are members of such and such course. Yes, it’s a municipal course, but in the golfer’s mind, he/she feels that he/she is a member.

Being a member will always encourage loyalty from your golfers. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a membership-based golf course. Think about it, loyalty is everywhere; loyalty to your family, loyalty to your friends, loyalty to your church, loyalty to your company, etc.

You want your golfers to be loyal to your golf course; therefore, you need to think about what you can give them in return to satisfy their sense of belongingness and this will help you grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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