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Golf marketing and professional golf membership sales go hand-in-hand. One of the things that are most talked about within the sales community is leads. Whether they are cold or hot leads, qualified leads, etc., bottom line is if you have a warm body with the financial capability of joining your golf course, you have a sales lead.

I never looked at just one golfer in front of me as my only hot sales lead or a referral that was sent to me by one of my members, or if somebody said that he is bringing in a couple of guys to play a round with him this weekend as my only hot leads. Don’t take what I am saying the wrong way; those referrals are great leads and definitely qualified on being potential members of your golf course. But buddy referrals and walk-ins are not your only source of hot leads.

If you think about it, everybody in your community as long as they fit your profile is a qualified lead. The first place to start is to find out who your ideal customer (golfer) is. Once you have the profile of this ideal customer (golfer) or the avatar if you will, you then want to run some demographics.

You need to be able to find out how many golf leads you have within the 20-mile radius of your golf course. Some of those prospects are definitely cold leads, but they are leads nonetheless. At the same time there are tons of hot leads as well; even if those prospects are completely unaware (at the present time) that they are interested in your golf products and golf services.

The key thing is not to get yourself pigeonholed into thinking that all of the good (hot) leads come from one or two sources. You need to think outside-the-box and consider every golfer (or non-golfer) that fits your profile as a good sales lead.

When the golfer visits your golf course, they become a much higher qualified lead because they are actually in your golf course which proves they are truly interested in your golf course.

A lead can be considered a hot lead even if you only know their name and phone number; in my book they have now become a great prospective golf sales lead.

When you learn how to maximize every sales lead, you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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