Golf Course Marketing Caveat Emptor

Caveat emptor is a Latin term meaning “let the buyer beware”. The term implies it is the customer’s responsibility rather than the seller’s to ensure the goods or services offered for sale are able to deliver the desired result.

Ethical golf marketers should never put out a golf product and/or golf service with the “buyers beware” attitude. In short, caveat emptor is where the customer, in our case the golfer, is responsible for finding out the validity of the golf product and/or golf service.  Professional ethical golf marketing should not have the burden of proof be put on the golfer.

As professional golf marketers, it is our responsibility to make sure that the golfer sees the golf product and/or golf service we are marketing is exactly what we say it is. If you implement golf programs, sell golf products and/or golf services with the undertone of buyer beware, it won’t be long until you completely damage your reputation and your brand within your community. The last thing you want local golfers to say about your golf course is for prospective golfers to beware of what they might be responding to or getting into, when responding to an advertisement from your golf course.

Caveat emptor is a concept that all professional golf marketers and professional golf membership sales people should stay clear of. As a golf professional membership sales person, it is your responsibility and duty to make sure that your golf products and golf services are exactly what you advertise them to be.

Only con artists and shysters launch campaigns where the buyer must be aware or do their own investigation of the offered golf product and/or golf service. When you are launching a golf marketing program, it should be crystal clear what the golfer is receiving in return for their investment.  It is imperative golfers receive what they pay for.  Building your brand as a golf course in your community starts with ethical marketing and ethical professional golf membership sales.

When MMC® launches a golf marketing campaign, we are confident that our golfers know everything there is to know about our offering, from cost to content, so there is no chance of a misunderstanding and no chance of making the golfer beware of their buying decision.

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