Golf Course Marketing Digital Convergence

According to, digital convergence is a growing trend for using computer technology to deliver media programming and information, thus allowing media from one type of outlet (e.g., newspaper) to take advantage of features and benefits offered through other media outlets (e.g., Internet).

Digital convergence is one of the subjects I spoke on in the past but just briefly, when I mentioned running newspaper ads or print ads in today’s society where fewer and fewer consumers (golfers) are getting their news or information from newspapers or printed materials. The majority of people (especially the millennial) today get their information from mobile devices via Internet and/or through their personal computers. Although there is a percentage of the population who still read newspapers (Baby Boomers); but this percentage is getting smaller and smaller every year.

When you are responsible for a golf course’s marketing, it is imperative you ensure your print ads are also being put in the newspaper’s electronic format. This applies to all other media as well including e-magazines and making sure they put your ads into all other possible digital platforms they may have. By doing this, you are not only reaching out to the demographic who are reading the paper but to the demographic who are reading the newspaper online as well. Thus, you have doubled the target market who you want to make aware of your golf products and services.

With today’s technology, it is impossible to properly market your golf course without facilitating the tool of digital media convergence. At the same time, the entire population has not converted to the digital world, so unfortunately for golf marketers, they must be well versed on all types of vehicles and platforms that can deliver the desired message to the golfer.

Golf marketing requires an understanding of technology and how it can help you engage golfers, and one example of this is digital convergence. When you learn how to capitalize on this tool, you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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