Golf Course Marketing Open Plan Selling

I love this definition of “open plan selling” offered by Accordingly, open plan selling is a modern form of selling, heavily dependent on the sales person understanding and interpreting the prospect’s organizational and personal needs, issues, processes, constraints and strategic aims which generally extends the selling discussion far beyond the obvious product application. In a way, it is rather like combining selling with genuinely beneficial, free, expert consultancy.

In “open plan selling”, the seller identifies strategic business aims of the sales prospect or customer organization, and develops a proposition which enables the aims to be realized. The proposition is therefore strongly linked to the achievement of strategic business aims – typically improvements in costs, revenues, margins, overheads, profit, quality, efficiency, time-saving and competitive strength areas. There is a strong reliance on a seller having excellent strategic understanding of prospect organization and aims, market sector situation and trends and access to strategic decision-makers and influencers.

I love the term “open plan selling” because this is basically finding out the needs, wants, desires, emotional triggers and psychological triggers that the consumer (golfer) has.  It is finding out what he or she wants to achieve through either the game of golf, or the relationship with the golf course and showing how your golf products and/or golf services meet those specific needs.

The psychology of selling is so important when it comes to professional golf course membership sales. Not knowing how to meet the golfer’s psychological and emotional needs is absolutely devastating to your career and the financial health of the property. I have said numerous times, golfers buy golf products and/or avail golf services for emotional reasons then justify their purchases with logical reasons. We must meet those emotional and logical needs of the golfer.

On MMC®’s website, we offer a free download (Golf Course Marketing Free Download Registration)on locking-up relationships with golfers which helps you find out exactly what it is the prospective golf member in front of you is trying to accomplish.

Open plan selling, simply means finding out the prospective golfer’s needs, wants and desires and show how your golf products and/or golf services can meet those needs today.

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