Golf Course Marketing Good Guy-Bad Guy Routine

According to, the good guy-bad guy routine is a negotiation strategy in which one member of a sales team makes an attractive offer to the prospect (a good guy) and another member discusses the difficulty in making such an attractive offer (a bad guy). The objective of the strategy is to get the prospect to accept the good guy’s proposal.

I have never been a fan of sales tactics like this “good guy-bad guy routine”. These are techniques for people who are not professional salespeople. I only introduce these tactics to you so you’ll know what is out there in the marketplace, so you understand what salespeople have done in the past and still do at present to lock-up relationships with golfers.

If nothing else, this is an attempt to educate you in your own encounters with other sales people. When salespeople are going through these routines you will know exactly what is happening and know you should avoid them and their product at all cost.

This is the type of sales routine that you would see in some used-car business. But it is not something you would see in professional golf membership sales. When you are selling a golf course membership or a golf course product or golf course service, you want to always be at your best.

The proper way to sell any golf product or golf service is by finding out the emotional needs of the golfer. Once you get this information, you then show the golfer how your golf product and/or golf service will allow them to experience those emotional needs and wants by joining your golf club membership, and/or committing their loyalty to your golf course.

When you have designed a golf professional sales system including a professional tour and interview, you will not need these types of sales techniques. On MMC®’s website, you can download a free e-book on locking up relationships, This e-book will show you how to conduct a proper interview to gather the information necessary to lock-up the relationship with the golfer. Also included in the e-book will be a tour sheet which will help you get the golfer excited about the golf course. Of course no instructional e-book would be complete without a section on “closing the sale” i.e., locking-up the relationship so there is a section on that as well.

Do not hesitate to go to our site and download this valuable tool which MMC® is giving you absolutely free. I have seen competitors of ours take this same information (re-format it) and sell it on their sites from $500 – $1,500. So don’t let someone sell you something they got for free by simply going to MMC®’s website.

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