Golf Course Marketing Motivation Research

Motivational research has been capturing my interest for the past twenty-five years because I am so curious as to why consumers purchase certain products over their competing products, and as a golf marketer, I have this curiosity as to why golfers prefer one golf course over the other or one golf product over the other or a golf service over the other.

I always refer to this as the psychology of selling as it pertains to professionally selling golf memberships. But what we are talking about today is the research behind the psychology as to why people (golfers) make certain purchases and why they prefer one brand over another. This subject matter is so exciting to learn because you truly understand not only everyone else’s buying decisions or what motivates them to buy, but it also helps you to understand yourself so you are able to have more control over your own life purchasing habits when you understand the psychological triggers.

Research to me is the greatest investment of time and money because if you know why, when, and how golfers do things, you will learn how to take your golf marketing efforts to the next level and get them to buy your golf products and/or golf services. But if you never understand the human psyche or the golfer’s psyche, you will never be successful in this industry on a large scale. You might be successful in a little area of the market but you are not ever going to be successful on a large scale.

So the next time you find yourself with 10, 15, 20 minutes of time to go online, start doing some research and find out what other researchers have found out about golfers in general and learn some different reasons why people say they have experienced success, how they attained their success, what other aspects have contributed to their success, etc. Learn what other golf courses are doing within the golf industry (successfully), read books and articles just about any subject related to our business to expand your knowledge, e.g., history that will help you understand the buying habits of your prospective golf members.

When you start exploring motivation research, you will start growing your golf course the game and your golf career.

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