Why Most Golf Marketing Campaigns Fail

There are probably a half dozen reasons why most golf marketing campaigns fail to achieve the desired results.

1)     Most marketers don’t have a specific goal in mind when launching a campaign. They have a wish list and a bunch of “I hope’s” but no real defined goals. Every golf marketing campaign should be designed with the desired outcome as the framework.

2)    A lot of golf marketing campaigns have no game plans built in for “What If” scenarios. Things go wrong no matter how much you plan. Being a person who welcomes challenges with open arms and doesn’t get shaken by adversity is very important when managing a golf marketing campaign.

3)    Failing to launch your golf marketing campaign properly is another huge mistake amateurs make. Even if you are constrained within a tight budget, it is imperative that you launch your campaign using several mediums e.g., newspaper, radio, internet.

4)    Not having the ability to adjust in the middle of the campaign if things are not going as planned. If one medium or ad isn’t pulling as well as planned, be ready to change it and replace it with something more productive.

5)    Ignoring the necessity of properly training everyone on how you expect them to perform their responsibilities and then inspecting what you are expecting from them.

6)    Most golf course marketers fail to make winning a must. If you put it in your head (and back it up with your perspiration) that failure is not an option, you will absolutely launch a successful golf marketing campaign because you will not let it fail. You will keep trying until you find what it is that will make it the success you knew it would be.

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