Golf Course Marketing: Range

Range is the maximum distance a golfer is normally willing to travel to golf at a golf course or to purchase golf products and/or golf services.

Range is a subject I speak on frequently. I do this because most golf marketers and golf course owners fail to realize that it is difficult to achieve success beyond a certain range of your golf club. The average golf club draws from about an 8-20 mile radius around their golf club. If you have chosen to build a golf course in an undesirable area, you must be willing to market and draw from that same area.

The range varies from course to course, but not drastically. I always hear golf marketers saying they are going to target a geographical area that is outside of the range of their golf course because the demographics are better in that area. But what they are failing to understand about the human psyche is the invisible barriers that keep golfers from crossing over into certain areas.

If a golfer can afford a higher end golf course, the odds are they are going to spend their golfing dollars in an area more suitable to their home. But if they do not have a golf course available for them and you are the only golf course in town within the range of their home, then you have a chance of acquiring them as a member/golfer of your golf course. You must face the fact that the range for the average golf course is no more than 20 miles.

If you learn to market, develop and engage the golfers within your range you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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