Golf Marketing: In-Pack Premium

In-pack premium is a premium freebie included with the purchase of another product. For example, you buy a sleeve of balls and get a free putter as a premium giveaway. Although this is an extreme example and most of the time this term is used in the retail industry in referenced to packaged goods.

But as usual, I like to think outside -the-box and figure out how I can use this tool in my golf marketing.

When I hear the word pack, the first thing I think of, is golf packages. When I hear the word premium, I think of premium golf services or premium golf products. I want to put the two together to create premium golf products and/or premium golf services packaged to be more appealing to the golfer.

When you are in the business of growing a golf course, you cannot stop thinking about ways to maximize your efforts to acquire new golfers. Think of golf packages you can put together by adding a premium golf product or premium golf service as a giveaway.

Today’s marketing is completely different than marketing 20 years ago of any product, especially golf. It is so important that you understand the value of freebies. By giving things away, you are able to gain loyalty and trust from golfers. When golfers perceive you as being greedy and non-caring, they do their best to avoid you and avoid doing business with you, but when golfers perceive you as a first-class golf club and see you are willing to earn their trust and loyalty, they are going to commit their loyalty to your golf course far easier than by any other effort.

Golfers want to know you are willing to invest in each of them to gain their loyalty and trust. Put together some packages with premium gifts as giveaways and you will start to grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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