Golf Marketing: The ABC’s of Professional Golf Course Sales

ABC is a sales acronym standing for “always be closing”.

This is again another term I have put a twist on in the golf marketing industry. ABC stands for always be closing, but in reality you don’t always want to be closing because the true closing is asking the prospective golf member questions like, “How do you want to pay for this, cash or check?” or  “When would you like to take delivery of the product, Wednesday or Friday?” These are examples of alternative closes. Always be closing is not completely accurate.

What you really want to do is ABTC which means “always be test closing”. You can do this by taking the temperature of your prospective golf members, if they are cold or hot as it pertains to their readiness to commit.  By test closing, you can gauge whether or not the prospective member/golfer is ready to be asked a closing question.

What I mean by this is, if you go for the closing, you would be asking the prospective golf member questions like, “Would you like to take care of this today?”, “Do you want to start your first lesson tomorrow?”, etc. If the prospective member/golfer says no to your questions, it would mean you are now starting over again from the beginning. But by test closing, you can ask some questions that will allow you to gauge how close the prospective member/golfer is to saying yes to you during your professional golf sales presentation.

You can then determine when you need to finalize the presentation and lock-up the relationship by asking a great test close question like, “Will your wife and kids be joining our club as well?” If the golfer answers yes, then you know you are getting warmer and closer to locking- up the relationship.

Always be test closing in your professional golf sales presentation and you will grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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