Golf Marketing Comparative Advertising

Comparative advertising is when you make a direct or indirect comparison of your golf products or golf services with your competitors whether it is a direct comparison or implied comparison advertising.

Comparative pricing is perfect when you are promoting niche golf products and niche golf services because you can compare your competitor’s to what it is that you offer and how those golf products and golf services that you offer are so much superior to that of your competitors.

Comparative advertising is a great way for you to highlight the strong points of your golf course. Emphasize the things that golfers love most about your golf facility. It is easy to do some elementary research to find out what it is that golfers love about your golf course and then incorporate that into your advertising campaign. You do not have to do a direct comparison or even name your competitor.

The key thing with comparative advertising is to highlight your strengths and diminish the competitor’s strengths by showing the superiority of your golf products and golf services.

Comparative advertising is a great tool to show the public the value they will receive under your pricing structure. For example, if your competitor is $40 per round and you are only $38, that is a valid candidate for a comparative advertisement.

Golf membership is another great product to use when incorporating comparative advertisement in your golf marketing campaigns. A lot of golf memberships can be compared with competitors and will give you numerous ways to capture the interest of the golfer while showing them why he or she should join your golf course as opposed to going to your competitor. This way, you can show that your golf membership has a much greater value than that of your competitor.

Comparative advertising will help you grow your golf course, the game and your golf career.

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