Golf Course Marketing: Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is the time between the first contact with a prospect (golfer) to when the sale is made, i.e., the relationship has been locked-up. Sales cycle times and processes vary depending on the membership director, type of golf product and/or golf service being presented, the effectiveness of the sales process e.g. the quality of the sales presentation and market conditions. The sales cycle is also known as the sales process and the sales gestation period.

The hardest part of golf professional membership sales is getting golfers to the door. You must be qualified in professional golf marketing and know the psychology of selling as it pertains to acquiring new golfers.

Getting new golfers for your golf course is the most time consuming and expensive part of the sales cycle. Once the golfer is at the golf property, closing the sale depends 80% on the quality of the sales presentation and the professionalism of the golf membership director. If the golf membership presentation is professionally designed around the golfer’s needs, emotional desires, wants, and covers the logical reasons for joining while being presented by a qualified golf membership director, you should be able to close at least 50% of the golfers that visit your golf course.

If your visiting golfers are from the local golfing community, these memberships sales, player’s cards, season passes, preferred players cards, relationships etc. can easily be locked-up on the first visit provided the golf salesperson presenting the golf product or golf service has been professionally trained and understands the emotional and psychological needs of the golfer in front of him or her.

The most important thing to know about the sales cycle is, the golfer is at his/her hottest point (most likely to commit their loyalty) when they are at the golf course. Your golf marketing efforts get them in the door and your professional golf membership sales skills helps you lock-up the relationship.

Learn to accelerate the sales cycle and you will learn how to grow the game, your golf course and your golf career.

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